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Recently, Bill Cameron was invited by Lou Adkins of the Salisbury Community Development Corporation to speak with potential homeowners. The topic was Understanding Real Estate Closing Documents, with a central focus on understanding the HUD-1 Settlement Statement. This document is required for all real estate transactions requiring a mortgage. It is very important, as it shows buyers where their money is going when they purchase a home. Many consumers do not see this document before they close on their new home, so it is often overlooked. Mr. Cameron went line by line so that the attendees understood exactly what happens at a real estate closing.

Consumers need to be aware that, despite recent changes advancing consumer protection, predatory lenders still exist. This attendees of this seminar left with a great understanding of what happens to their money and with tips on protecting their interests. If are considering purchasing your first home in Salisbury or Rowan County, or if you want to know if there is any financial assistance on the path to homeownership (there is!), then you should contact someone at the Salisbury Community Development Corporation, http://salisburycdc.org. While Mr. Cameron does not offer services as a closing attorney, he does litigate matters against predatory