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Searching for 15 year-old Erica Parsons

Carlyle Sherrill - Erica Parsons case

Recently, Casey and Sandy Parsons retained Carlyle Sherrill as their attorney in regards to their missing 15 year-old daughter, Erica Parsons. They began caring for Erica as an infant and later adopted her. When Erica was 13 years old, she began to have contact with her birth-mother and people representing themselves to be the biological grandparents. Based on that information, the Parsons allowed Erica to visit with these people. Soon, Erica expressed a desire to live with these people and the Parsons agreed. Later, though, contact between Erica and the Parsons stopped. Recently it was learned that these people provided false identities to the Parsons and now, Erica cannot be found.

In late July, 2013, a family member made a false police report accusing the Parsons of causing Erica to disappear. Initially, the Parsons cooperated with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department as a search for Erica began. The local department of social services came into the Parsons home. After interviewing Casey and Sandy and inspecting the home, the department of social services allowed the other minor children to remain in the home. Two days later, however, the police began making accusations. When that happened, the Parsons retained Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC, but remained open to interviews with law enforcement. As soon as they hired an attorney, however, not only did law enforcement stop seeking their help to find Erica, but the department of social services stepped in and removed the minor children. The only thing the Parsons did between the day social services approved their home and they day social services removed the children was hire an attorney.

Since then, there has been a lot of interest in Erica’s whereabouts in the local media. The Parsons and Carlyle Sherrill were invited to appear on the Dr. Phil television show. The Parsons knew that appearing on Dr. Phil would make the search for Erica become a national search. Such an opportunity to spread the word could not have been wasted, and they appeared on Dr. Phil in a two-part episode on August 20 and August 21, 2013.

Erica’s last known location was Mooresville, NC and possibly Asheville, NC. Due to the publicity surrounding this case, it is unlikely that she is in Rowan County. Please, spread the word that Erica is missing. If you have news about Erica, please contact Carlyle Sherrill, Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC, or the police.

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