Protecting Your Right to Child Custody in North Carolina

At the Salisbury law firm of Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC, we help parents protect and define their right of access to their children in separation and divorce, paternity and child protection cases.

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Child custody attorneys in Salisbury, NC  

When custody or visitation disputes cannot be settled by agreement, they are often resolved according to the best interests of the children. Usually, the best interests of a child demand that the parents share a mutual respect for one another’s rights and a recognition that a meaningful relationship with each parent is essential to the child’s welfare and development. Even when the parents agree on these principles, however, difficult child custody questions can require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, as in such cases as the following:

  • High conflict child custody disputes in divorce cases based on good faith concern for the safety of the child with one parent or the other
  • Alcohol or drug abuse problems on the part of either parent
  • Plans for one parent or the other to move to a distant city or another state
  • Modifying the terms of a child custody or visitation decree to accommodate substantial changes of circumstances
  • The effect of a domestic violence 50B protective order on a parent’s right to unsupervised visitation

Our child custody lawyers also advise unmarried parents about their child custody and visitation rights after paternity has been determined. Unmarried fathers who are interested in stable visitation arrangements should know that they will need to file separate petitions for a regular parenting time schedule even after their child support obligations have been determined.

In addition, the family law attorneys of Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC advise grandparents and other relatives interested in providing a home for a child whose mother or father is unable to fulfill parental responsibilities. Temporary placement with a grandparent, aunt or uncle can be an excellent alternative to foster care in situations where problems at home or with the criminal justice system might lead to intervention by the Department of Social Services.

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