Salisbury Real Estate Investment Attorneys Provide Sound Counsel

North Carolina firm advises on residential and commercial property ventures

North Carolina’s real estate market has grown so much over the last few decades that individuals and businesses from all around the world have looked to invest within the state. However, there are numerous risks associated with any real estate venture, so it is essential to obtain advice from a qualified professional whether you’re looking to buy, sell or lease a property. At Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC in Salisbury, we are experienced attorneys who aren’t just well versed in the letter of the law but understand the practical considerations that can make or break an investment. When a favorable opportunity presents itself, there might not be time for an attorney to get up to speed on the relevant issues, so it is essential to retain a firm that has a track record of helping investors capitalize on real estate deals in the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Pursuing maximum value during dispositions

Even real estate investments that are wisely managed will not bring maximum value unless the disposition is handled properly. Regardless of whether you are just starting the marketing process or just require assistance closing the sale you’ve negotiated, our firm provides effective legal guidance. Deals that fall through because the buyer lacks financing or changes their mind are a drain on resources. When warranted, we conduct due diligence and identify other potential pitfalls so that you don’t waste time or money. Once everything is in place, we prepare the necessary documents and complete the disposition with professionalism and efficiency.

Guiding clients through the asset acquisition process

When you’re looking to acquire property for investment purposes, there are countless details to consider. Perhaps you’re thinking of building one or more new structures on the land or opening a business that might require a particular type of zoning approval. In other situations, the success of your investment might hinge on the rehabilitation of an existing structure. Before you enter into a real estate transaction, you can rely on our knowledge of pertinent codes and the local landscape to help you assess the potential value of an investment property.

How attorneys assist investors with leasing issues

Many real estate investors intend to derive maximum value from their property by leasing to commercial or residential tenants. Depending on the situation, this might be the best way to take advantage of escalating real estate prices while maintaining ownership of the site. However, complications can arise when leasing out all or part of the property. Drafting clear, enforceable lease terms is important when it comes to minimizing the likelihood of unnecessary damage and improper use of the premises. Should you choose to contract with someone to manage the property, our attorneys can represent you in those negotiations as well. Once the lease agreement is executed, we also assist with actions that might be required to protect your investment, such as disputes over violations and eviction proceedings.

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