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Transferring ownership of real estate is a complex process that requires adherence to centuries-old property law principles as well as awareness of the latest legal developments affecting buyers and sellers. Handling all of the key issues can seem overwhelming, especially when there are so many other responsibilities associated with a residential or commercial real estate transaction. Located in Salisbury, the firm of Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC gives North Carolina clients high-level, personalized support throughout the transaction process. From the moment you start considering a deal, we can advise you of the pertinent legal requirements and pitfalls that you’ll want to avoid. Waiting too long to retain qualified counsel could cost you money or even the deal you’ve worked so hard to complete. With our background in property law and understanding of the local area, we are ready to help you immediately.  

The benefits of having an attorney to draft, review and negotiate transaction contracts

In the rush to make a commercial or residential real estate deal, it can be easy to overlook significant contractual details. When we negotiate contracts on behalf of buyers and sellers, we take the time to understand our clients’ situation and goals. From there, we work to finalize an agreement that clearly details both sides’ obligations and contains all of the necessary elements, including a true description of the property and any financing used as part of the purchase. Our knowledgeable attorneys can also protect your interests on matters relating to title, property condition, inspections and appraisals. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will help you avoid unnecessary problems and give you the ability to concentrate on all of the other details associated with your transaction.

Key tasks during the buying and selling process

Depending on the circumstances, a North Carolina property sale might be wrapped up in around 30 days or last for months. Whether you’re looking for a place to live or capitalizing on a real estate investment opportunity, we can assist with numerous essential tasks associated with buying and selling property, including:

  • Conducting due diligence — Before you buy a property, you should gain as much information as possible about land use rules, potential environmental problems and the condition of any structures. Likewise, a seller should not waste resources working on a deal with a buyer who lacks the proper funding to complete the purchase. When warranted, we help clients conduct due diligence so that buyers and sellers have the knowledge they need to make a successful deal.
  • Assisting with mortgage arrangements — In many cases, the main obstacle to finalizing a real estate transaction is the buyer’s inability to secure a suitable mortgage or another type of financing. You can count on us to handle paperwork associated with simple home loans or complex financial structures.
  • Addressing liens and other title defects — A question about the ownership of a given parcel or an infringement such as a lien could destroy an otherwise promising deal. We investigate these possible defects quickly to clear up any problems or disputes.
  • Conducting the closing — Once any lingering issues are dealt with, our firm conducts the real estate closing in an efficient, professional manner, preparing deeds and other legal documents and making sure that each side is clear on the transaction terms.

Working with a qualified attorney can be the difference between a successful transaction and problems that undermine or destroy the deal.

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