North Carolina Attorneys Keeping You Driving

If you have been the recipient of several speeding tickets or a reckless driving charge, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles can be a very unforgiving place in which to defend yourself. The DMV has broad powers to revoke or suspend your right to drive. Without proper legal representation, you risk losing your license for a long time.

Salisbury NC traffic ticket attorney

A reckless driving charge is a serious charge carrying serious consequences. Without an experienced lawyer, you face a high risk of having your license suspended. Contact the law firm of Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC in Rowan County; we can help you prevent license suspension.  Call us at 704-633-5723 or fill out our online contact form.

A license suspension can prevent you from going to work, which can lead to you losing your job. It can prevent you from bringing your children to daycare or make it difficult for you to carry out your normal daily activities. Your license will automatically be suspended if:

  • You plead to any charge that you were driving more than fifteen over the speed limit
  • You get two speeding tickets within twelve months for driving over fifty-five miles per hour
  • You get a reckless driving charge paired with your speeding ticket

A reckless driving charge can apply to different driving situations. Some officers will issue a reckless driving charge for:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Weaving in between cars during traffic
  • Ignoring or failing to yield the right of way at a stop sign or when cars are making lane changes
  • Causing a single car accident

At Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC, our experienced attorneys ensure that the facts surrounding your traffic violation are heard by the court.

Speeding tickets costs add up over time

Even a single traffic ticket affects your finances. The court imposes heavy fines for speeding tickets and should you need to show up in court, you are required to pay certain court costs. A speeding ticket will also cause your insurance rates to increase, costing you a large amount of money in the end. An attorney can show up in court on your behalf and help you protect your finances.

Contact our experienced attorneys to see how we can help keep you in the driver’s seat.  Give us a call at 704-633-5723 or fill out our online  contact form.