Driver’s License Suspension and Traffic Violations

Like many other states, North Carolina can suspend a driver’s license for certain violations of the motor vehicle laws. While speeding tickets are the most common reason for losing the right to drive, such offenses as DWI, street racing or reckless driving can also result in suspension of your driver’s license.

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Salisbury NC traffic attorneys 

Any traffic violation may affect your insurance rates for the next three years following the violation. We will work to keep the violation from affecting your insurance rates, or minimizing any impact. Additionally, our attorneys represent North Carolina drivers, out-of-state motorists and holders of commercial driver’s licenses in administrative hearings before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to contest suspension or revocation of driver’s licenses.

For certain traffic violations, the decision to suspend your license is required by law, as in the case of a speeding ticket for driving faster than 55 mph while exceeding the posted limit by more than 15 mph. Citations for speeding and reckless driving in the same incident will result in the loss of driving privileges for 60 days.

Other offenses allow, but do not require, the DMV to suspend your license for unspecified periods of time. These include two convictions for speeding over 55 mph within a 12-month period, driving while ordered by a court not to do so, or a single conviction for speeding over 75 mph.

If you have been advised of an intention to suspend or revoke your license, or if you have been given a speeding ticket that might trigger a suspension, our lawyers can represent you in court on the traffic violation charge or at the DMV hearing to protect your license. For commercial operators or out-of-state motorists, we can usually represent you without the need for you to return to North Carolina.

Whenever possible, it makes sense to consult with a lawyer about your ability to defend the original citation on the merits, or at least test the evidence against you. Simply paying the fine amounts to a guilty plea that can lead to a mandatory or discretionary suspension of your license.

If paying traffic tickets has already resulted in the suspension of your license, we can try to convince the DMV to restore your license or at least shorten the period of your suspension. If you have already taken your case to traffic court and lost at the administrative hearing, you still have the right to appeal the decision in Superior Court if you act quickly enough, and we can represent you on the appeal.

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