Salisbury Family Law Attorneys Guide Clients Through Domestic Matters

Seeing families through difficult times in central North Carolina

At Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC, our family law attorneys have more than 65 years of combined experience representing families facing tough legal issues during troubling times of their lives. We treat our clients with respect and work for peaceful and equitable resolutions for their family law needs. Our legal team has the knowledge and experience to provide the valuable counsel you need regarding your family law issue.

Reliable advice and firm representation for numerous family law issues

When a family law issue comes up, Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC offers clear guidance and sound legal advice to help you through this difficult time. Divorce is the most common and far-reaching family law issue, affecting families on a personal and financial level for years to come. But divorce is only one consequential area of family law. Our experienced attorneys advise clients on a variety of issues related to:

  • Alimony — One of the seminal divorce issues, alimony, or spousal support, impacts the financial health of the payer and the recipient. Starting with pendente lite, or temporary, support during the divorce process, there are many questions for the court. Is alimony called for? How much is fair, and for how long? Is a single lump sum sufficient, or should there be ongoing payments? The court considers many factors, including marital misconduct such as adultery, when deciding the alimony question. We make sure the court has all relevant facts before it so you can get a fair determination on this important question.
  • Child custody and visitation — If you are seeking to protect your rights regarding visitation and child custody in North Carolina, our family law attorneys will fight to keep you in your child’s life. Tensions are high during child custody and visitation disputes. We provide you with a fresh legal perspective and focus on your child’s best interests during your case.
  • Equitable distribution — During a divorce in North Carolina, state law allows spouses to keep their separate property but requires the family court to divide marital assets in a manner that is fair, though not necessarily equal. Again, the court considers many factors, such as a spouse’s contribution to the accumulation of wealth as well as the contribution to the home. The court may also consider marital misconduct. Our attorneys help you through this complicated process, protecting your property rights every step of the way.
  • Domestic violence — This is an area of the law that has civil and criminal applications, so our attorneys, who practice civil litigation and criminal defense, are well positioned to represent both victims and persons accused of domestic violence. North Carolina law outlines specific consequences for the commission of a domestic violence crime and also provides protections for victims of domestic violence. We provide our clients with the legal counsel they need to get a fair remedy to their situation.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — If you are about to get married or are already married, you should consider protecting your personal finances with a marital agreement. As unromantic as it may seem, a solid marital agreement can actually help your marriage by easing any financial tensions you might feel. Martial agreements are especially important for two-career couples and couples with children from a previous marriage.

When these or other family law issues arise, our attorneys draw on extensive experience to reach a swift, cost-effective solution that protects your rights.

How to appeal a family law judgment

Many people misunderstand what the “right to an appeal” means. A litigant cannot appeal a court decision simply because it goes against them. They must be able to identify a mistake the court made in the application of the law and demonstrate how that mistake influenced the outcome of the case. Moreover, the attorney must have taken proper steps during the trial to preserve the issue for appeal. In our practice, we take your right to appeal seriously, and we guard that right assiduously.

However, experience has taught us that “getting it right the first time” beats relying on the appeal process hands down. And, very often, taking the issue out of the judge’s hands is the best tactic altogether. For these reasons, we work diligently to achieve reasonable settlements whenever possible so you have control over the outcome and don’t have to risk an adverse decision by a judge.

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