Suffering a serious injury can turn your life upside down, making it hard to work, to pay your bills and to manage your daily activities. If your injuries were due to the negligence of another person, business or organization, it is imperative to take legal action with the help of an experienced attorney like those at Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC.

Our lawyers will help you seek full and fair compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and more. As a client, you can expect compassionate service and aggressive advocacy backed by more than 65 years of combined legal experience.

Investigating Your Case And Holding At-Fault Parties Accountable

Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC, represents clients in a range of tort claims, including those related to:

  • Car accidents (caused by negligent or reckless driving, drunk driving, etc.)
  • Trucking accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Injuries on dangerous private property (premises liability actions)
  • Wrongful death claims

We do the work necessary to make your case for compensation as strong as it can be. Our attorneys examine medical records, police reports, witness statements, accident reconstructions and all other available evidence. And we fight aggressively to recover compensation that will help with medical treatments, lost wages from time off work, future lost income for disability, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Why You Need Representation That Is Local, Experienced And Aggressive

North Carolina is one of the only states in the nation to recognize a legal principle called “contributory negligence.” Under this system, you forfeit the right to claim compensation if you contributed to the accident or your own injuries in any way (even if your fault was just 1%). Naturally, insurers and other defendants will try to allege that you share fault, so you need an attorney (like those at our firm) who will aggressively push back against that false narrative with evidence to refute it.

We’ve been practicing in Rowan County for decades and we have an insider’s knowledge of the local legal system. For instance, we know area juries tend to award plaintiffs only small amounts of compensation in injury cases, so we take a strategic approach toward your case to maximize your jury award or settlement.

We are also very familiar with how insurance companies tend to prioritize paying medical bills and other insurance companies, then telling plaintiffs they can have what (little) money remains. Our attorneys know how to utilize the state’s personal injury lien laws that put you on equal footing with these other claimants, typically resulting in more money going directly to you.

We Will Be By Your Side Throughout The Process – Contact Us Today

When you hire Sherrill & Cameron, PLLC, you’ll work directly with your attorney from start to finish. You and your case will be a top priority. To discuss your legal options, call our office in Salisbury at 704-859-8083, or reach out online.